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  • Become a Green Boater Today!
    Protect Marine Ecosystems and Island Resources Boating season is here, and soon our waters will be buzzing with boats. Our amazing group of islands, where boaters find wonder and relaxation, are also where fish and wildlife find food and shelter.   To help our wildlife and boaters thrive during this busy … read more
  • Diving into eelgrass health
    As the school year ends and summer begins, Friends of the San Juans’ research on eelgrass health will be gathering its second year of data from below the surface. The health of eelgrass meadows is San Juan County has had very concerning trends, prompting Friends and our partners to better … read more
  • Artists on Yellow Island
    Friends of the San Juans hosted nearly 40 artists and Lummi council member Karlie Kinley on Yellow Island this April for Friends’ first-ever Artist Expedition. The wildflowers were blooming and there was ample inspiration abound. Prominent floral displays included broadleafed shooting star, hairy paintbrush, chocolate lily, camas and stonecrop. Yellow … read more
  • Gathering of the Eagles
    Friends is honored to be the fiscal sponsor for this extraordinary inter-island Tribal canoe journey, “Esqaplh etse Kwelengsen, Gathering of Eagles.” All are welcome at this grassroots journey organized by Sul ka dub Freddie Lane, following the ancestral highways of the Lhaq’temish, Lummi, people, beginning May 19th and running through May … read more
  • Action Update: Who foots the bill for an oil spill?
    Last month we sent out an action alert regarding the Washington State Department of Ecology’s rulemaking. This rulemaking will establish financial responsibility requirements for refineries, pipelines, and other large bulk oil handling facilities. Here’s an update on all the progress made! Thanks to everyone that made comments and amplified our … read more
  • Action Update: Phillips 66
    In May 2023, Friends of the San Juans received a concerning anonymous alert regarding changes at the Phillips 66 Refinery in Ferndale, apparently without a permit. These changes could allow the refinery to function as a transshipment facility, receiving diesel for resale in Canada via rail and truck.  Acting swiftly, … read more
  • Shoreline Property Owner Workshop Recording + Tools
    In the San Juan Islands, over 90% of waterfront tax parcels are in private, residential ownership. Protecting habitat is the most efficient and effective way to support the marine environment. Partnering with Blue Coast Engineering,  Northwest Straits Foundation, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program, Friends … read more
  • Business and Organizations that Show Up for Friends!
    We’re so grateful to the local businesses, artists, and organizations that donated their time, space, and/or goods over the last year! Thank you! Alchemy Art Center  Alisha Merrick, Fern  Ayn Gailey Consulting  Cin Cin  Climb San Juan  Darvill’s Bookstore  FLOAT (For the Love of All Things)  FOLKS (Friends of Lime … read more
  • Who Foots the Bill for an Oil Spill?
    Ensure Accountability from the Oil Industry The specter of a large oil spill looms over our region, casting a shadow of potential devastation. The stakes are high. At risk are our environment, economy, and cultural resources; the vulnerable Southern Resident killer whales and their dwindling food source, chinook salmon; the … read more
  • Director’s Update
    As we dive into the new year, I see daily how important our members’ support is to achieve our mission. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and share what your year-end donations have already jumpstarted in this first month of 2024:    Also, I am happy to … read more
  • New Faces at Friends
    We are delighted to welcome a new staff member and 2 new board members to our team!  Isabel Alexander, Executive Administrator — Isabel provides administrative support to the Executive Director and the Board. Isabel will also be integral in communications with our donors, members, and volunteers. Prior to joining Friends, … read more
  • Legislative Action Alerts!
    The Washington State Legislative Session begins Monday, January 8th, and will run for 60 days, until March 7, 2024.   Stay informed. Make a difference. Don’t miss our legislative updates on policy issues impacting the San Juans and the Salish Sea! Click the button below to sign up, and select Regional … read more
  • Take a stand against big oil in support of the Salish Sea!
    Update: 2024 is off to a good start! Huge thanks to the incredible response from community members who sent comments on this issue. Whatcom County will likely be issuing a revised MDNS and hopefully it will address the project’s potential vessel traffic impacts. You can view Whatcom County’s memo here. … read more
  • Thank You, Science Advisors!
    This year, Friends of the San Juans welcomed a new Council of Scientific Advisors, contributing their incredible expertise to our science-driven approach. We’re so thankful for their time and guidance. We want to especially thank former board member, Michael Riordan, for his help in recruiting this fantastic group of advisors. … read more
  • Friends’ Action Ensures Refinery Project Will Not Impact Southern Resident killer whales
    Friends of the San Juans took action against Whatcom County’s permit decision for a Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery project, involving a new pipe bridge and relocating underground pipelines to above-ground. Phillips 66’s application lacked clarity about the purpose of these pipes, including their potential role in crude oil or refined … read more
  • Molt Search—Defend Marine Waters Against a Sneaky Invader!
    Calling all nature enthusiasts, community scientists, volunteers, and beachgoers!  Help combat the growing concern and spread of a destructive menace to the islands and Salish Sea: the European green crab. Labeled one of the world’s worst invasive species by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, this crab is staging … read more
  • Meet + Mingle this Summer!
    Enjoy complimentary refreshments and delight in the good company of fellow stewards of the islands with our staff and board. Meet our new Executive Director, Eva Schulte, and learn about ongoing research, education, restoration, and advocacy efforts to protect the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea. Try swimming with salmon and … read more
  • Collaborative Eelgrass Research Underway! 
    This June, Friends of the San Juans began a new multi-year research project that is examining the health of eelgrass across the county. Eelgrass, a flowering plant that grows in shallow marine waters, supports marine food webs, including Dungeness crabs, spawning habitat for Pacific herring, and is a critical place … read more
  • United Front Against Roberts Bank Terminal 2
    Sign up for our action alerts! Be sure to select “Regional Action Alerts” from the list of emails you want to receive! Email us at [email protected] and let us know you are especially interested in taking action against Roberts Bank Terminal 2, and we’ll make sure to update you as … read more
  • Reject Roberts Bank Terminal 2!
    Help protect Southern Resident killer whales and Chinook salmon!  Your quick action by June 8th is needed to help reduce the impacts of a new off-shore/over-water shipping terminal the size of 202 football fields! This new terminal would decimate critical habitat and increase vessel traffic impacts and oil spill risks … read more

The Friends of the San Juans do such a wonderful job of keeping on top of things like the transit of freighters through the Straits and their impact on whales as well as protecting our environment. Jim and I fell in love with the islands, the wildlife, and fishing. We hope to preserve it, not only for our family but for other families, well into the future.

Glen and Deb Bruels

members, San Juan Island