Immersive Salish Sea Education

Welcome to an exciting resource, tailor-made for both formal and informal educators passionate about immersing their students in the wonders of the Salish Sea Ecosystem!

These dynamic “grab and go” units will elevate your curriculum—consider it your toolkit for turning every lesson into an unforgettable experience. 360-degree videos will transport your students to the heart of the Salish Sea, taking your lessons to a whole new level. Supplemental slides, background information, and engaging activities give you additional support to engage your students. With our resources, teaching becomes an adventure, and learning is a journey of discovery. Get ready to captivate your students and make your lessons come alive in the Salish Sea Ecosystem.

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Friends of the San Juans

Funding provided by

Immersive Education programming is made possible thanks to Friends’ Members, the Keta Legacy Foundation (also known as the Mountaineers Foundation), the Wheeler Foundation, the Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions Fund, and the Norcliff Foundation.

Keta Legacy Foundation

The Friends of the San Juans are at the forefront in efforts to prevent oil spills from impacting the San Juans. They work to identify the threats and then work with the US Coast Guard, Ecology, and others to get the best oil spill planning and prevention efforts in place.

Debby Clausen and Kim Sundberg

members, San Juan Island