Action Update: Who foots the bill for an oil spill?

Last month we sent out an action alert regarding the Washington State Department of Ecology’s rulemaking.

This rulemaking will establish financial responsibility requirements for refineries, pipelines, and other large bulk oil handling facilities. Here’s an update on all the progress made!

  • Friends staff co-authored a Seattle Times op-ed with WA Conservation Action staff and co-led a webinar with regional ENGO staff.
  • Friends staff drafted a comment letter signed by 27 other organizations.
  • Over 200 comments were submitted, inspired by Friends’ analysis and identification of key issues, and outreach.
  • In addition, Washington Conservation Action and the SUTO (Stand Up to Oil) Campaign submitted comment forms from 466 people, and Friends of the Earth submitted a petition signed by 600 of their Washington State members.

Thanks to everyone that made comments and amplified our action alert. The final rule is due on June 13, 2024. Stay tuned for more progress!

Lovel Pratt
Marine Protection and Policy Director

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Shaun Hubbard

member, San Juan Island and Seattle