It will take all of us. Volunteer to ensure the San Juans and Salish Sea thrive

Friends’ community of volunteers is invaluable to our work. Volunteers help with field work and projects, participate on committee work for comprehensive development planning and outreach events. Volunteering is a great way to engage with us! See the list below to learn where you can get involved to help protect and restore the islands. Sign up to be notified about volunteer opportunities or training and be the first to know when your talent, skills and passion are needed!

activities and events

  • beach clean ups
  • event set up
  • host event share your shorelines Friendraise!
  • help build our local photography collection
  • hang posters and flyers
  • community outreach
  • speaker series event help
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  • apply to be a summer legal intern. click here for more information.
  • attend meetings-share your voice be informed.
  • contribute pro bono expertise
  • serve on a program or board committee
  • membership connections
  • community and campaign outreach
  • attend/help facilitate rallies


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field work

  • apply to be a science intern
  • shoreline restoration
  • upland restoration


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Each year I make a generous gift to the Friends of the San Juans because it’s the one organization where I can actually follow the money from my checkbook to observable measurable outcomes. Will you join me in making a gift to support one of the most beautiful, precious, fragile monuments to nature on earth?

George Lawson

members, Lopez Island