It will take all of us!

Friends is a community-driven organization and we wouldn’t be here without volunteer support! Volunteering is a great way to get your feet wet, learn more about our work, and meet like-minded folx who are passionate about protecting the environment for all of us.

Latest Volunteer News

Examples of Ongoing Opportunities


  • beach clean ups
  • event logistics
  • host an event—share your shoreline or property to Friendraise!
  • event photography
  • hang posters and flyers
  • community outreach


  • attend local policy meetings to share your voice and be informed.
  • contribute pro bono expertise
  • serve on a program or board committee
  • issue-driven community and campaign outreach
  • attend and/or help facilitate rallies, parades, or protests


Field Work

  • invasive species surveys
  • forage fish site monitoring
  • plastic and trash surveys
  • shoreline and upland restoration work parties


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We live in such a pivotal time. Future generations are depending on us to protect and restore what will be their environment. We support the Friends because they tackle the issues that really make a big difference in our local environment, while also squeezing maximum value out of every dollar in their budget.

Ken and Mariann Carrasco

members, Orcas Island