Shoreline Property Owner Workshop Recording + Tools

In the San Juan Islands, over 90% of waterfront tax parcels are in private, residential ownership. Protecting habitat is the most efficient and effective way to support the marine environment. Partnering with Blue Coast EngineeringNorthwest Straits Foundation, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program, Friends of the San Juans recently held three Shoreline Property Owner Workshops across Lopez, San Juan, and Orcas Islands, with over 100 participants. If you missed the workshop, no worries! Access the full recording and materials below, covering shoreline ecology, geology, vegetation, drainage, and habitat, and more!

Spring 2024
Shoreline Property Owner Workshop on Orcas Island

Read through the Key Points Handout and Agenda for more information and resources.

Recorded workshop for the general public to learn about shoreline geologic processes, vegetation, drainage, and habitat. This workshop was hosted by Friends of the San Juans, Blue Coast Engineering, and Northwest Straits Foundation.

Are you a shoreline property owner?

Learn how to safeguard your shoreline from the comfort of your own home! We’re here to guide you through shore-friendly property management options, such as practical tips for managing your waterfront property for future generations.

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Funded wholly or in part by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Estuary & Salmon Recovery Program.

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Shaun Hubbard

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