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previously unknown forage fish spawning beaches were documented by Friends thanks to donors like you. This research informs future restoration and protections efforts for a healthy Salish Sea food web.


youth have been transported through the Salish Sea marine food web with Friends’ Immersive Salish Sea Education Program using virtual reality technology.

Friends of the San Juans respectfully honors that this beautiful place we strive to protect and restore is comprised of the ancestral lands, waters, and tangible and intangible resources of the Lummi, Saanich, S’klallam, and other Coast Salish peoples. We honor the salmon, the orca, and all of the plants and creatures on the land, and in the sea and air that make the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea region unique and significant. We honor the Tribes who have cared for and stewarded the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea since time immemorial—and continue to do so—and we honor the inherent, aboriginal, and treaty rights passed down from generation to generation. Our community shares the responsibility of upholding Treaty rights entered into by the leaders of sovereign nations, including the United States.

From its very beginning, Friends has been one of our best allies in helping preserve the health and beauty of these special islands.

Winnie Adams and Bob Gamble

members, Orcas and Waldron Islands