Friends advocates for protections in the Salish

Sea from threats posed by international shipping.

Photo by Chris Teren


Friends protects and restores our shorelines for today

so they are resilient, adaptable, and vibrant in the future.


Friends supports strong local

Photo by Mark Gardner

policies to protect upland habitats.


Friends helps strengthen connections

between ancestral lands and traditions.

Photo by Mark Gardner

Our Work

The San Juan Islands: Precious. Finite. Worth protecting.

Friends of the San Juans protects and restores the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea for people and nature— since 1979. We champion clean water, forests, food, and healthy communities by using science, education, and advocacy. Our innovative programs help the region’s environment and economy thrive.





Thriving on

the Land

Our Impact in 2015


islanders explored, restored, and learned at Friends events.


hours volunteered for beach & stream restoration.


tons of toxic, creosote-treated material removed from local waters.

The Latest

“I want the beach to be able to be here for my grandchildren… for my nieces, nephews, and godchildren. That’s when we made the decision to contact Friends of the San Juans.”

Mariluz Villa, participating shoreline restoration project property owner

Calendar of Events

Want to get involved in our Friends community? Join us at our community events!

Take Action!

Want to keep the islands a great place to live and play? We do too. Here’s how you can help…

Photos by: Mark Gardner (Healthy Seas), Mark Gardner (Thriving on the Land)

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