leave a legacy

Your Vision. Your Values. Your Legacy.

You have the power to ensure the future of the islands, at no cost today: the evergreens, the seclusion, and all that lives within the shimmering Salish Sea. The awe that resonates in our hearts as we witness what we cherish — that will be your legacy, immortalized.

A legacy gift is a meaningful way to share your values and ensure your vision is carried forward for future generations. We know how important the San Juan Islands and Salish Sea are to you. Your bequest and other planned giving allows us to carry on your legacy, in our work. We must protect what we love and planned giving ensures that will happen generation after generation.

You can make a gift in your will, trust or donor-advised fund, to Friends. The gift can be made through retirement assets, bank and brokerage accounts, real estate or life insurance. You can also establish charitable funds in an endowment at the Friends.

Please let us know if you chose to make provisions in your planned giving for Friends. We want to meet your expectations and understand your wishes to support the work necessary to protect what you love. Thank you!

Contact Michel to discuss your options:

Michel Vekved, MSOD, Director of Philanthropy
[email protected] or 360-378-3991

It wasn’t until 1979 that San Juan County got a comprehensive growth plan and that was largely due to the Friends of the San Juan’s being there to advocate for the shoreline and the ecosystem. Since then, there have been constant waves of pressure by developers. Friends have risen each time, fighting to protect this fragile and precious place.

Liza Michaelson

member, San Juan Island