supporting our core mission with sustainable and predictable income

Friends – The Power of Endowment

Our mission at Friends is to protect and restore the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea for people and nature. This mission will always be a critical, ongoing and sometimes urgent need. To be prepared and continue to meet rising challenges, some we may predict and others we do not, we need support from members who share our vision and values.

Friends’ Management of Endowments

Endowment management is central to our strategy of providing a secure stream of investment income. Friend’s endowment funds are professionally managed and operated under the authority of the Board of Directors Finance Committee. The committee receives investment advisory services from top-tier, global financial consultants. The Endowment Funds shall be invested with the objective of preserving the long-term real purchasing power of the Funds’ assets while realizing appropriate investment income.

You can contribute now, or in the future, to the Ellis General Operations Endowment, Science Endowment or the Law and Policy Endowment.  For details about contributions, pledges, or to become a  founding endowment member please contact us.

For more information  or to learn about about endowments, please  Email Michel or call 360-378-3991.

FSJ upholds the United Nations Six Principles of Responsible Investment as a prominent guideline for incorporating Sustainability into investment decisions. We pursue a portfolio of investment; a conservative strategy of asset allocations based upon Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Environment, Social Justice, and Governance (ESG) investments principles.  We adhere to principles of mission related investing. Our endowments will remain a robust engine for permanent tribute to the generosity and vision of the members who contribute to them.

Ensuring that your gift is used according to your wishes is our highest priority. All members who contribute endowment may receive annual reports of the endowment fund’s financial status. Members contributing to an endowment  have opportunities to meet with Board and Program Directors to hear the impact and outcome of programs.

Bequests are a simple and meaningful way to set up, or contribute to an existing endowment for operations or programs that you wish to see continue at Friends. Let us continue the work together— in perpetuity to protect the San Juan Islands and Salish Sea. 

Board of Directors, Finance Committee Members

Janet Alderton, Board President, Research Associate, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, Retired
Bruce Rylander, Treasurer, MBA, Finance Executive, Retired
Jon Christoffersen, MBA, University of Washington, Financial Services Executive, Retired
George Lawson, Vice-President, Financial Consultant RBC Wealth Management, Retired
Christina Wolfe, Board Member, Business Owner, Biology & Business Administration, concentration Finance, University of Washington.  Masters in Ecology & Evolution

For more information contact:

Michel Vekved, MSOD, Director of Philanthropy
[email protected] or 360-378-3991

I feel like I have found the home that I could not find anywhere else I have traveled and lived. Thank you, Friends of the San Juans, for protecting all of the islands and the Salish Sea.

Janet Burke

member, Henry Island