Reject Roberts Bank Terminal 2!

Help protect Southern Resident killer whales and Chinook salmon! 

Your quick action by June 8th is needed to help reduce the impacts of a new off-shore/over-water shipping terminal the size of 202 football fields! This new terminal would decimate critical habitat and increase vessel traffic impacts and oil spill risks in the transboundary Salish Sea.

Friends of the San Juans is grateful to the Lummi Nation for defending their Aboriginal rights and title in Canada! Canada failed to conduct the required consultation and accommodation on the potential adverse impacts to the Lummi Nation from the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project.

Friends is also grateful to our ENGO colleagues in BC who have filed an application for a judicial review in federal court under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

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Images by San Juan Islanders for Safe Shipping.

It means so much to me to have helped protect the rural environment and natural beauty of the San Juan Islands during the 1980s and 90s. Now I get to share my appreciation of these beautiful islands with my grandchildren, too.

Nancy DeVaux

former Executive Director and member, San Juan Island