The Sinking of the ALEUTIAN ISLE

On Saturday, August 13th the fishing vessel ALEUTIAN ISLE sank off the west side of San Juan Island. Our hearts go out to the people on board who were directly affected by the accident, and our sincere thanks go out to everyone who has been involved in the rescue of the crew and the response to the spill, as well as the whale scientists and boat operators who are on standby to conduct whale deterrence operations should they be needed to keep whales away from the oil spill.

As of August 25th, the F/V ALEUTIAN ISLE remains more than 200 feet underwater and there’s still the risk of a bigger oil spill from the thousands of gallons of fuel and oil products that remain onboard. We will all be able to take a deep sigh of relief when these oil products have been safely removed from the boat.

Our hope is that this oil spill will not have additional, long-term environmental and cultural impacts, and that it will provide an opportunity to improve both oil spill and wildlife response requirements and resources in San Juan County and statewide. We’ll provide more information and let you know what you can do to improve oil spill prevention and spill response preparedness when the response to this oil spill has been completed, and the threat of a larger spill has been averted.

If you see any impacted wildlife as a result of this spill, please call the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Hotline: 1-800-22-BIRDS. Do not attempt to capture any wildlife!

The USCGC SWORDFISH monitors the oil spill on Saturday, August 13.
Photo taken from San Juan County Park by Lovel Pratt.

Here’s how to stay informed:

The Department of Ecology’s incident-specific webpage is regularly updated.

You can also watch the briefing that was provided to the San Juan County Council on August 19th here.

Updates from the U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest:




U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest Press Releases:

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From the first time we visited the islands, we were awe-struck by the natural beauty of this majestic setting: towering conifers, green meadows, beautiful lakes, forested mountains, all surrounded by the sound! Like any beautiful location, this magical environment could be “loved to death”, which is why it is so important that Friends of the San Juans is there to help us protect what we all love.

David and Geri Turnoy

members, Orcas Island