Natural Shorelines

The San Juan Islands’ rugged shorelines remain relatively natural and intact compared to urban areas around the Salish Sea. However this is rapidly changing. Shoreline development and associated beach structures such as bulkheads are altering natural nearshore processes, and the ongoing removal of shoreline trees and shrubs destroys productive habitat. Friends improves shoreline habitat conditions for today so they have a future where they are resilient, adaptable in the face of climate change, and vibrant places for all who depend on them.

Shoreline Protection

Friends protects San Juan County’s 400+ miles of shoreline using science-based management. Learn More 〉 

Shoreline Restoration

Friends restores altered and armored shorelines to their natural state to improve the health of the Salish Sea. Learn More  

Technical Assistance

Friends provides technical assistance to help property owners make informed land management decisions. Learn More 〉 

friendsNatural Shorelines