Current Volunteer Opportunities

Are you yearning to get more involved? Do you love the islands and Salish Sea, and want to connect with like-minded folx? Are you interested in serving on a Board or committee such as fundraising or finance? There are many ways to get involved, and we would love your support!

Volunteer Openings:

  • Community Science, Green Crab Molt Surveyors — Help combat the invasive European Green Crab and become a Molt Search Volunteer for San Juan County. Learn more and email Jess Newley via [email protected] to be notified of upcoming opportunities!
  • Board and Committee Members — We seek locally engaged community members who are passionate about integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into the environmental justice sector, as well as individuals with expertise in fundraising, finance, and educational curricula.
  • Office hospitality — Provide 5-12 hours per week of office reception to greet visitors and support Friends of the San Juans gratitude efforts and SWAG distribution. 
  • Spanish Translation — seeking proficient proofreading or written content translation. Join our list of Spanish interpreters, on-call for virtual or in-person events, or to translate written materials to make education and outreach more accessible for all of us in and around the islands! 
  • ASL Interpreters — Join our list of American Sign Language interpreters on-call for virtual or in-person events. Event timing will range. We will add you to our interest list and email you as opportunities arise. 
  • Beach Clean-Ups — We host several beach cleanups throughout the year. Email us to get on the list and be the first to know about these great opportunities to connect with like-minded community members, learn more about shoreline habitat, and keep plastics and waste out of island and Salish Sea ecosystems.
  • Boat Hosts — Would you consider using your boat to transport Friends staff for inter-island restoration projects? Or perhaps host a small group for an educational eco-tour? Possibilities for both sailing and motorboats. Must pass a WA State Background Check and application process. If interested, we will add your name to our interest list and email you as opportunities arise.
  • Stuff and Stamp Parties — Occasionally, we need help stuffing and stamping envelopes for mailings and outreach. We try to make it fun with chocolate, music, and good conversation and company!
  • Poster and Signage Distribution — Help us spread the word around the islands about events by hanging posters and flyers.
  • Event Photographer — Capture the fabulous community-driven spirit via photography at Friends’ events!
  • Social Media Amplifiers and Influencers — Help get the word out and amplify environmental calls to action on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Ready to Get Started?!

Send your interest to [email protected] and include the following:

What interests you about volunteering with Friends of the San Juans?

What is your time availability like? Do you have a set number of hours per week, month or year you would like to volunteer, or any preferred times? 

Do you have any special interests or concerns related to your participation?

Joan and I love this tiny corner of paradise and know that Mother Nature needs all the help she can get. We are solidly friends of the Friends of the San Juans.

Jon and Joan Christoffersen

members, Shaw Island