Big win for Southern Resident killer whales!

Legislation to safeguard critically endangered Southern Resident killer whales is headed to the Governor’s desk! Senate Bill 5371 requires recreational boaters to stay 1,000 yards away from Southern Residents beginning in 2025. 

Lovel Pratt, Marine Protection and Policy Director at Friends shares, “While the 1,000-yard distance requirement won’t be mandatory until 2025, Friends encourages recreational boaters to give Southern Residents the space they need to find and catch their prey—starting today.” 

Take the pledge at which is co-organized by Friends of the San Juans, Washington Conservation Action, National Resources Defense Council, Seattle Aquarium, and The Whale Trail.  

Learn more via the following resources: 

Each year I make a generous gift to the Friends of the San Juans because it’s the one organization where I can actually follow the money from my checkbook to observable measurable outcomes. Will you join me in making a gift to support one of the most beautiful, precious, fragile monuments to nature on earth?

George Lawson

members, Lopez Island