Sharing Stories and Values

Protecting and caring for an island means sharing stories: We want to hear your stories, connections and experiences in the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea. They underscore your passion and illustrate what inspires you…At Friends of the San Juans, those meaningful stories reinforce our shared values, and they inspire our team’s dedication and commitment to protecting what you love.

The work is complex and challenging, and it gives us meaning and purpose. With your support, we are committed to identifying the most important problems, developing creative, partnership-based solutions, measuring outcomes, and leveraging your support in numerous ways.

We know that you have choices in your charitable giving, and we are thankful that you choose to support Friends’ critical work to protect and restore the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea.

Please reach out with your stories or, if you have questions about the various ways you can support Friends in perpetuity, such as through Donor Advised Funds, gifts of stock or cryptocurrency, naming Friends as your beneficiary in planned giving, Qualified Charitable Distributions, and more.

Align your charitable gifts with your passion and values, and you’ll create your legacy by protecting the Islands in perpetuity through Friends of the San Juans. Please call or email Michel Vekved, our Director of Philanthropy at [email protected] or phone 360-378-3991 — her virtual door is always open.

We believe that our property is more valuable if we and our neighbors protect the shoreline. Orcas need salmon. Salmon need forage fish. Salmon and forage fish need the protection of eelgrass and kelp. Eelgrass and kelp need clean water. Shoreline protections are good for ecosystems and for the long-term economy of these lovely islands.

Val and Leslie Veirs

members, San Juan Island