A Fond Farewell to Katie

Dear members and supporters,

I have accepted the Solid Waste Coordinator position in San Juan County’s Department of Environmental Stewardship. I love Friends of the San Juans and have greatly enjoyed interacting with all of you in my role as Community Engagement Director over the past 9.5 years – you have inspired me in so many ways as we’ve worked together to protect and restore this incredible place we call home. But I am also excited for the opportunity to address sustainability by waste reduction from a different angle. I am embarking on this new adventure with a plan to implement important community-wide solutions and make some real progressive change for our environment.

Through my job at Friends, I have made numerous connections with the programs and players in our county’s solid waste scene. I have been engaged with the Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Plastic Free Salish Sea, Transition San Juan Island’s Waste Reduction Team, and the Great Islands Clean-up for many years. I will be able to hit the ground running to explore new initiatives and I plan to support further reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting opportunities in the islands.

My last day at Friends will be on November 30. Thank you for your support of me and Friends over the years. I am not going far. I will still be very much a part of our collective mission, and I know I’ll continue to collaborate with many of you. Please reach out to me with any ideas you have for my new position.

Here’s to new beginnings and to reducing the carbon footprint of our community’s waste stream!

All my very best,


We believe that our property is more valuable if we and our neighbors protect the shoreline. Orcas need salmon. Salmon need forage fish. Salmon and forage fish need the protection of eelgrass and kelp. Eelgrass and kelp need clean water. Shoreline protections are good for ecosystems and for the long-term economy of these lovely islands.

Val and Leslie Veirs

members, San Juan Island