Philanthropy is a strategic act of optimism.

The fact that you’re reading this shows you care about the future of the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea. Friends of the San Juans’ philanthropic donors share your values, and they are aligning their philanthropy with their passion for the serenity, health, and natural beauty of our Islands. For these supporters, a plan for philanthropic investments in Friends means protecting what they love. It means envisioning a future of sustainable communities and natural shorelines, free from the interruptions of jet skis, coal ports, and out-of-control development. A philanthropic approach like this is not about fixing a single problem or fleeting moments of doing the right thing, it’s about connecting the dots in an ongoing, systemic way between personal values, environmental stewardship, and the long-term vitality of our Island communities.

The challenges are many, but investing in Friends’ science-based, strategic solutions offers hope for the future of our Islands. For philanthropic donors, a plan for investment in Friends is an act of profound optimism, because the return on their investment is that, many decades from now, the hearts of their grandchildren’s grandchildren will resonate with the same awe and wonder that they feel today.

Contact Michel by email or phone at 360-378-3991 to share what resonates for you in this special place where we live, work, and play, and to discuss an investment strategy to protect and nourish it.

The Friends of the San Juans are at the forefront in efforts to prevent oil spills from impacting the San Juans. They work to identify the threats and then work with the US Coast Guard, Ecology, and others to get the best oil spill planning and prevention efforts in place.

Debby Clausen and Kim Sundberg

members, San Juan Island