Help document spawning herring this Spring!

It’s springtime in the islands and that means tulips, hummingbirds, and eggs – HERRING EGGS! It’s the time of year when herring come to our shorelines to spawn. Herring spawn in eelgrass beds in Eastsound and West Sound on Orcas Island, Shoal, Hunter and Mud Bay on Lopez Island and Blind Bay on Shaw Island. Males will disperse their milt over eelgrass meadows and create what looks like white clouds or “whitewater” from the shore. For the next two months, if you see anything like this or a lot of birds feeding in the nearshore, please report the time and place by emailing Jess Newley. Thank you!

Photo above: Herring spawn off of Bainbridge Island in Spring 2020 by Brian Whitlock

We chose to live on the westside of San Juan Island because of its natural beauty, and we want to preserve it for future generations. That’s where the Friends of the San Juans come in. Since their inception, they have been the guardians of the Salish Sea and this place we call home.

Glen and Deb Bruels

members, San Juan Island