Tell Washington State to say YES to Southern Resident Killer Whales & NO to industries that could cause oil spills!

Sign this petition to tell Washington State’s Department of Ecology to require the industries that could cause a major oil spill to comply with state regulations, and to identify and fund the reconnaissance and deterrence operations that will be needed to protect Southern Resident Killer Whales from a major oil spill. Tell Ecology to not let industries’ lack of compliance with state law result in a major oil spill that is devastating to the Southern Resident Killer Whales.

It is critical that the Southern Residents be kept away from an oil spill. The National Marine Fisheries Service states, “Their small population size and social structure…puts them at risk for a catastrophic event, such as an oil spill, that could impact the entire population.”

Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s Executive Order 18-02 also states that “the potential for a catastrophic oil spill continues to threaten Southern Residents and the entire ecosystem of Puget Sound.”

The population’s vulnerability to oil spills is further magnified because the population includes so few females that are of reproductive age. The oil spill response planning and securing the necessary personnel and equipment for the reconnaissance and deterrence phases of the wildlife response operations are therefore critical to keeping the Southern Residents away from an oil spill and preventing their extinction.

Join 20 organizations in asking the Washington State Department of Ecology to require oil spill contingency plans to include the required wildlife response protections for the critically endangered Southern Residents.

Sign the petition today! Thank you for taking action to help protect Southern Residents and their ecosystem!

We chose to live on the westside of San Juan Island because of its natural beauty, and we want to preserve it for future generations. That’s where the Friends of the San Juans come in. Since their inception, they have been the guardians of the Salish Sea and this place we call home.

Glen and Deb Bruels

members, San Juan Island