The future we see is up to us.

When our members consider how they can support Friends of the San Juans, it is more often than not through contributions like annual gifts, memberships and recurring donations. If you’re a member, your dedication is admirable, and your contributions are critical for the immediate availability of funds that help us meet our mission and protect what you love. We know you feel the satisfaction of having an impact today. And tomorrow matters too: How will you safeguard the future of what you love in the San Juans? You’ve already begun creating a legacy with your current support, and this month I want to share opportunities to have a personal, meaningful, and longer-term impact.

Some of our members continue their impact by building a legacy through their will, Donor Advised Funds, IRA Qualified Charitable Disbursements, a life insurance policy, or a gift of securities. Planned gifts to Friends will support our science and advocacy into the future. For more than 40 years we have had your trust, based upon shared passion, measurable outcomes, accountability and integrity. Our promise to you is to continue our strategic and ambitious, mission-driven work in the San Juan Islands and Salish Sea.

We are honored by your dedication to this work. You know why it matters. You can ensure that it continues by unlocking the ability to protect what you love, for generations ahead. If you have considered your legacy and planned giving and we are a part of it, we want to hear from you. I would genuinely like to talk to you, to ensure that we honor your passion and intent to protect the future of these islands and the Salish Sea. Also, if you are just starting to consider your legacy, I can help explain some of your options for supporting nonprofits like ours — it’s easier than you might think! You can contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 360-378-3991. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

I look at the Friends of the San Juans as sort of like a guard dog. They are the first ones to bark if there is any danger to anything that needs protection. They are the ones that make the first sounds that say “Wake Up!”

Shaun Hubbard

member, San Juan Island and Seattle