It’s “The Last Straw” for the San Juans!

Did you know that we use over 500 million plastic straws in the United States every day? And that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic trash in the ocean than fish?

Friends of the San Juans, San Juan County Solid Waste and Marine Resources Committee, Orcas Recycling Services, and Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District are teaming up to help businesses in our community “stop sucking” and take action to reduce waste by getting rid of plastic straws and utensils.

Researchers estimate almost 9 million tons of plastic garbage enters the oceans from land every year. Plastic straws are among the top 10 litter items picked up during beach cleanups, with thousands picked up every year.

Reducing plastic waste will make a big difference for the health of our marine environment. Thank you to the restaurants who have already pledged not to provide plastic straws and/or utensils with every drink or meal. Learn how you can get involved and see the businesses who are taking action here:

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Contact Katie at [email protected] or 360-378-2319 for more information.

The Friends of the San Juans do such a wonderful job of keeping on top of things like the transit of freighters through the Straits and their impact on whales as well as protecting our environment. Jim and I fell in love with the islands, the wildlife, and fishing. We hope to preserve it, not only for our family but for other families, well into the future.

Glen and Deb Bruels

members, San Juan Island