Action Alert: Comment on the Oil Transportation Safety Bill!

The 2017 Legislative Session is now in full swing and oil transportation is a hot issue. Despite the critical gains around public disclosure and preparedness measures, significant gaps remain that put our communities and waterways at risk of an oil spill or other such disaster.

In response, Representative Farrell (46th) and Senator Carlyle (36th) introduced the Oil Transportation Safety bill (HB 1611 / SB 5462). Highlights of the bill include:

  • Ensuring the oil industry pays in the case of a spill or other disaster;
  • Updating the funding for prevention, preparedness and response;
  • Protecting Puget Sound and the Salish Sea from increased oil barges and other vessels from the Kinder Morgan Pipeline;
  • Protecting against refineries turning into transshipment terminals; and
  • Strengthening oversight of pipeline safety.

This is a great time to engage and show your support!

Two hearings have been scheduled on the bill – Thursday, February 2nd at 10 a.m. in the Senate and the following Monday, February 6th at 1:30 p.m. in the House.

You can also call the committee members (at the numbers below) and tell them that this is a key piece of legislation they should support. Click here to send an email to your legislators as well.

The Oil Transportation Safety Bill is a key step to holding the oil industry accountable and ensures that Washingtonians are put first.

Given the Trump Administration’s support of the oil industry, it is now more important than ever to make sure that we here in Washington are holding the line against fossil fuels. We can do this!

We will also be talking about the oil transportation safety bill in person at the Salish Sea Stands on Capitol Hill Day on February 13 – join us there too! There will be a shuttle bus for islanders from Anacortes. Click here for more details about the 13th.

Senate Energy, Environment, Telecommunications Committee (for SB5 5462):

Senator Ericksen; (42), 360-786-7682[email protected]

Senator Sheldon: (35), 360-786-7668[email protected]

Senator Carlyle; (36), 360-786 – 7670[email protected]

Senator Brown; (8), 360-786-7614[email protected]

Senator Hobbs; (44), 360-786-7686[email protected]

Senator Honeyford; (15) 360-786 – 7684, [email protected]

Senator Ranker; (40) 360-786- 7678, [email protected]

Senator Wellman; (41) 360-786- 7641, [email protected]


House Environment Committee (for HB 1611):

Rep. Fitzgibbon (34), (360) 786-7952[email protected]

Rep. Peterson (21), (360) 786-7950[email protected]

Rep. Shea (4), (360) 786-7984[email protected]

Rep. Short (7), (360) 786-7908[email protected]

Rep. Dye (9), (360) 786-7942[email protected]

Rep. Fey (27), (360) 786-7974[email protected]

Rep. Kagi (32), (360) 786-7910[email protected]

Rep. McBride (48), (360) 786-7848[email protected]

Rep. Taylor (15), (360) 786-7874[email protected]

Friends of the San Juans was vital for the San Juan Islands’ protection in 1979 and it is still vital today.

Mike and Susan Krieger

members, Orcas Island

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