Healthy Seas

Photo by Chris Teren

Healthy seas are vital to humans and wildlife. An abundant sea where all of its inhabitants thrive and have access to both sufficient food and healthy breeding grounds directly impacts the wellbeing, economy, and futures of people. Human-caused threats produce dire consequences for our highly sensitive marine landscape. Marine sound pollution disrupts orca whales’ ability to feed, mate, and communicate. Oil spills devastate marine and shoreline environments, killing wildlife. Friends’ work creates interdependencies that are healthy, sustainable, and generative.

Safe Shipping

Friends is working to protect our coasts and communities from the proposed 43% increase in shipping and amplified threat of oil spill. Learn More 〉 

Beyond Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel expansion projects threaten to transform the Salish Sea into a tanker highway. Friends strives to halt these projects and reduce oil spill risk. Learn More 〉 

Species Protection

Friends is dedicated to protecting our 113 endangered and threatened species through habitat management and legal protection. Learn More 〉 

Photos by Paul K. Anderson, Paul K. Anderson, and Mark Gardner, respectively.

friendsHealthy Seas